Open-source software

Our team work on several open-source software projects and contribute across the scientific Python ecosystem.

Fatiando a Terra

A collection of Python tools for geophysics. The Fatiando tools are the heart of most of our research and teaching efforts. This is the main project on which we work.

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A small Python library for loading Landsat multi-spectral remote sensing scenes from downloaded from USGS EarthExplorer into xarray.Dataset containers. It takes care of reading the metadata and organizing the bands into a single data structure for easier manipulation, processing, and visualization.

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The Generic Mapping Tools

GMT is one of the most widely used and loved open-source software in the geosciences. Our team contributes to both GMT and the PyGMT library which brings all the power of GMT to the Scientific Python ecosystem.

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A collection of command-line programs for modeling the gravitational potential, acceleration, and gradient tensor. Tesseroids supports models and computation grids in Cartesian and spherical coordinates.

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