About us

The CompGeoLab is a research group based at the University of Liverpool’s School of Environmental Sciences. We are experts in solving inverse problems in the field of Geophysics. For example, determining the inner density distribution of the Earth from measured disturbances in the Earth’s gravity field. These are the main tools used by geoscientists to image the inside of the Earth and other planets.

We also specialize in building open-source scientific software. Our team works on several tools and projects, both developing tools in-house and contributing across the larger scientific ecosystem.

The planting method for solving the inverse problem of estimating density from observed gravity disturbances.

Latest news from the lab

Phase 1 of our Royal Society magnetic microscopy grant


This week we’re getting started with phase 1 of our Royal Society grant to develop magnetic microscopy with the arrival of PhD student Gelson Ferreira de Souza Junior at Liverpool! Group…

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Free online workshop "A geophysical tour of mid-ocean ridges" at Transform 2022


The 2022 edition of the Transform virtual conference is happening in this week! This year, I’m teaching a workshop on mid-ocean ridges that makes use of several of the Fatiando a Terra…

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