Computer-Oriented Geoscience Lab

Phase 1 of our Royal Society magnetic microscopy grant


This week we’re getting started with phase 1 of our Royal Society grant to develop magnetic microscopy with the arrival of PhD student Gelson Ferreira de Souza Junior at Liverpool!

Photo of 3 people smiling with a river and building in the background.
Group photo with a golden sunset on the Mersey river as a background. Left to right: Leo, Gelson, India.

We’ll be working hard to put the finishing touches on our first paper on the subject, which is being led by Gelson. It will describe how we’re using a combination of image processing, traditional aeromagnetic filtering and interpretation techniques, and some novel inversion methods to recover the magnetic moment in a very fast and memory efficient way. On top of that, we’ll also start porting some of Gelson’s prototype code into Fatiando a Terra and creating a new open-source library for the parts that are specific to microscopy. Lots of fun to be had!

As always, we’ll publish a preprint to EarthArXiv and code on our GitHub organisation as soon as we submit the paper.


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