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Poster on processing magnetic anomaly data with equivalent sources


Lab member India Uppal had her first poster presentation at this year’s PGR Conference of the School of Environmental Science, University of Liverpool. India showed everyone the progress made on her PhD thesis so far, in which we are investigating the use of the equivalent sources method to convert observations of total-field magnetic anomaly into the amplitude of the anomalous magnetic field (I know, they sound the same but they really are not). Our goal is to apply this to the available magnetic data for Antarctica to produce a uniform data grid that is less sensitive to the changes in direction of the geomagnetic field.

Checkout India’s poster below and keep an eye out for her first publication on this topic!

Screenshot of a poster with green background and white text boxes. Includes example results.
Poster designed by India showing some maps of the results we've obtained. The conversion between data types is not perfect but it's close enough to show real promise.

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