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Congratulations to Dr. Santiago Soler 🥂


Please join me in congratulating Dr. Santiago Soler for successfully defending his thesis today and being awarded the title of PhD in Geophysics by the Universidad Nacional de San Juan, Argentina! 🎉 🍾

Santiago was the first PhD student I had the chance to work with and I can safely say that collaborating with him had a profound impact on my career. He was instrumental in making Fatiando a Terra what it is today and has made numerous contributions to the field of gravimetry throughout his PhD.

You can find his PhD thesis and defense slides (both in Spanish) on GitHub. Of course, all of the LaTeX sources for the thesis are available as well!

I wish him all the best in his future career steps and hope to finally be able meet him in person soon (after 5 years of online-only collaboration)!


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