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Free online workshop "A geophysical tour of mid-ocean ridges" at Transform 2022


The 2022 edition of the Transform virtual conference is happening in this week! This year, I’m teaching a workshop on mid-ocean ridges that makes use of several of the Fatiando a Terra packages and PyGMT.

There is no registration and the workshop is freely available on YouTube:

Screenshot of two Jupyter notebooks side by side showing the name of the workshop on the left (title of this post) and some code plotting a map of a mid-ocean ridge on the right.
The Jupyter notebook used in the tutorial.

The workshop materials and instructions are available on GitHub: compgeolab/transform2022. As always, everything is open-source under permissive licenses so you can reuse, remix, and share this content to your heart’s content!

Join us on the Software Underground Slack for discussions and support during and after the tutorial. There are many more tutorials to watch!


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