How we communicate

If you wish to contact the group, please email Leo directly.

Within the lab

  • Chat: We have a lab chat room on Matrix, which is the primary mode of communication for quick messages, announcements, reminders, and organizing meetings. Messages can be ephemeral so you cannot count of being able to read messages forever. Use email if you need a record of the conversation.
  • GitHub: Each project is assigned a repository on our GitHub account. Reviews of code, text, etc., will be done through the repository. We’ll also use to set goals and tasks.
  • Group meetings: We will have short monthly group meetings for quick updates from everyone, general discussion, announcements, interesting papers, and informal chat.
  • Individual meetings: We aim to have weekly individual meetings to discuss project status, goals, and work through problems and ideas.
  • Group members are also encouraged to have meetings and messages with each other. Don’t wait until problems build up to seek guidance.

Using our website

  • Source code used to generate the website: compgeolab/website.
  • Members are expected to post short news items when they do things of note (join the group, graduation, publication, conferences, awards, etc), as well as to update project and publication information.
  • When joining the group, please submit a pull request adding yourself to the website. You are not required to provide a photo and contact information (but you certainly may if you feel comfortable having this information public on the internet).

Social media

  • Lab members are encouraged to be respectful and kind while participating if they are representing themselves as lab members.