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Health and well-being

Your first priority should always be your own health, safety, and well-being. No project, paper, grant, or collaboration is more important than that.

At Universidade de São Paulo

  • Hospital Universitário: The campus hospital is excellent, has a walk-in service and provides free medical for the university community.
  • CEPE USP: The university sports center is full of free activities that you can sign up for and has a large range of pools and fields that also be used.
  • Clinica Odontológica: The São Paulo campus also has a free dental health service for the community.
  • Ministério da Saúde - Suicídio (Prevenção): The ministry of health website has resources for suicide prevention and how to get help with mental health issues.
  • Centro de Valorização da Vida: Offers a 24h help line by phone, chat, email, and in-person (the closest center to campus is in Pinheiros).

At University of Liverpool

  • Student Services: General information and links to the different types of support offered to university students.
  • Mental Health Advisory Service: The service can help you settle into student life and offers advisory on mental health issues. If you feel concerned that you or someone you know may have more complex mental health needs, contact the Mental Health Advisory Service ( or call 0151 794 3304).
  • Counselling Service: The University offers drop-in counselling sessions. This is not an emergency service. In the event of an emergency call 2222 (internal) or 999 (external).
  • Self-help Information: There is a lot of information on self-help with tips and information.

Credit and terms of reuse: This manual is based on the excellent Lab Carpentry blueprints, with material adapted from the Data Intensive Biology Lab and the Data Exploration Lab. The manual contents are available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license.