Source code for xlandsat._interpolation

# Copyright (c) 2022 The xlandsat developers.
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT License.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
Interpolation methods for scenes.
import numpy as np
import scipy as sp

[docs]def interpolate_missing(scene, pixel_radius=20): """ Fill missing values (NaNs) in a scene by cubic interpolation Each missing value is filled by interpolating the pixels within a neighboring region (controlled by ``pixel_radius``) using a piecewise cubic 2D interpolator. Interpolation is done for each band in a scene separately. Note that this is mostly good if there are a few missing values, not large regions of the scene. Parameters ---------- scene : :class:`xarray.Dataset` A Landsat scene, as read with :func:`xlandsat.load_scene`. pixel_radius : int Number of pixels to the east, west, south, and north of a missing value that will be used for interpolation. Smaller values make for faster interpolation but may lead to bad results if many missing values are grouped together. Returns ------- filled_scene : :class:`xarray.Dataset` The scene with missing values filled in. """ filled_scene = scene.copy(deep=True) rows, columns = np.meshgrid( np.arange(scene.northing.size), np.arange(scene.easting.size), indexing="ij", ) for band in scene: values = filled_scene[band].values nans = np.isnan(values) for i, j in zip(rows[nans], columns[nans]): imin, imax = _search_range(i, pixel_radius, scene.northing.size) jmin, jmax = _search_range(j, pixel_radius, scene.easting.size) valid = ~np.isnan(values[imin:imax, jmin:jmax]) interpolator = sp.interpolate.CloughTocher2DInterpolator( ( rows[imin:imax, jmin:jmax][valid], columns[imin:imax, jmin:jmax][valid], ), values[imin:imax, jmin:jmax][valid], ) values[i, j] = interpolator(i, j) return filled_scene
def _search_range(index, pixel_radius, dim_size): """ Get a valid range around the index to search for interpolation data. Mostly used to avoid overflowing the image boundaries. """ left, right = index - pixel_radius, index + pixel_radius if left < 0: left = 0 if right > dim_size: right = dim_size return left, right