Computer-Oriented Geoscience Lab

Getting started

When you first join the lab (ideally within the first few weeks), you will have a meeting with Leo to introduce lab protocols, set expectations, add you to communication channels, etc.

Things to do after joining the lab

  1. Create an account on the chat room (see Communication) and send Leo a message (@leouieda) so he can add you to the CompGeoLab channel.
  2. Install the Mattermost app. You don’t need to have it on your phone if you prefer not to, but at least install it on your comuter.
  3. Create an account on GitHub. Make sure your username is something that you would be OK putting on a publication or your CV (so nothing offensive, please).
  4. Send Leo a message with your GitHub username so he can add you to the lab GitHub organization.
  5. Read the lab Code of Conduct carefully.
  6. Go over the rest of lab manual again on your own.
  7. Study the Software Carpentry lessons on Version Control with Git, Python, and the Unix Shell. They will be crucial for your project. Go over Git and the Unix Shell first.
  8. Explore the GitHub organization to see what the group is working on.
  9. Add yourself to the website (if you want). See the Contributing Guide for instructions.
  10. Read the main references for your project (if Leo doesn’t send them to you, please remind him).
  11. Go and start making something brilliant!

Leo’s To Do list

  1. Introduce the lab website and GitHub organization where all our research projects live.
  2. Go over this manual.
  3. Send a message to the group introducing the new member.
  4. Add them to the lab GitHub organization.
  5. Send the main papers related to the new member’s project.

Credit and terms of reuse: This manual is based on the excellent Lab Carpentry blueprints, with material adapted from the Data Intensive Biology Lab and the Data Exploration Lab. The manual contents are available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license.