On-boarding new members

When you first join the lab (ideally within the first few weeks), you will have a meeting with Leo to introduce lab protocols, set expectations, add you to communication channels, etc.

This is a checklist of things that we will cover during this induction meeting.

Leo’s to-do list

Before your meeting

  • Join the chat room and setup Element on your computer/tablet/phone.
  • Create an account on GitHub.
  • Send Leo a message with your GitHub username.

During the meeting

Go over key information about:

After your meeting

  • Read the Code of Conduct carefully.
  • Add yourself to the website (if you want). See the Contributing Guide for instructions.
  • Go over the lab manual again on your own.
  • Study the Software Carpentry lessons on Version Control with Git, Python, and the Unix Shell. They will be crucial for your project. Go over Git and the Unix Shell first.
  • Explore the GitHub organization to see what the group is working on.
  • Go and start making something brilliant!